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Every year millions of pounds are wasted because of the lack of effective control in commercial fleet management. Fleet managers are aware that efficiency is the key to profitability and that an effective logistics operation is essential if profitability, productivity and customer service are to be optimised. Without the help of a sophisticated vehicle tracking system, the lack of control and visibility over a fleet is often considerable, manifesting itself in a variety of ways. The primary challenges facing fleet operators include:

  • Increased distribution costs
  • Increased use of service level agreement penalties
  • Increased demands on flexibility, responsiveness and real-time scheduling
  • Drive to reduce all forms of wastage
  • Improving security, safety and asset tracking
  • Producing quicker and value-adding reports
  • Maintaining accurate records
  • Increased need for f leet visibility, driver contact and vehicle utilisation
  • Conforming to legislation and working time directives
  • Increased road user charging and congestion charging

The Solution

It is now widely recognised that real-time vehicle information will revolutionise the control and logistical organisation of any company with significant vehicle f leets. In a global marketplace where productivity is crucial to success, vehicle f leet operators use vehicle management systems as a formidable tool to drive down costs and increase the value of their service.

MotorTag Vehicle Tracker uses satellite technology, providing the ability to monitor vehicle activity, collect, collate, analyse and present real-time information. Once in possession of this data, clients can then manage resources swiftly and easily, implementing chosen plans of action using sophisticated communications. Whatever request, the fleet is fully visible and able to comply immediately.

Introducing MotorTag Vehicle Tracker

MotorTag Vehicle Tracker is an advanced, easy to use vehicle tracking system, to enable the efficient management of vehicle f leets, consisting of trucks, vans or cars.

In the environment of ever increasing regulations on working time and duty of care considerations, Vehicle Tracker provides a cost effective business management tool that helps to locate, support and deploy your vehicle f leet more effectively. MotorTag Vehicle Tracker will help you develop an efficient supply chain, control costs, measure service levels, business targets and key performance indicators.

System Overview

MotorTag Vehicle Tracker makes use of satellite positioning technology to record vehicles movements, and transmits that information in a compressed format over the standard mobile phone network to a central database. F leet management and vehicle tracking information is then made available to the end user over the Internet from a dedicated web server.

Key Features

In Vehicle Features

MotorTag Vehicle Tracker is installed in the form of a discreet, robust black box in the vehicle, enabling data exchange between driver and office via the web. The following features apply:

  • Fully installed vehicle equipment
  • Installations by a pre-approved network of agents to minimise vehicle downtime
  • No visible aerials to damage or tamper with
  • Suitable for 12v or 24v vehicles
  • Reports to the back office in real time

Online Features

MotorTag Vehicle Tracker is fully Web based, which makes it extremely efficient and easy to implement. The following features are available:

  • Secure web login for multiple users
  • Live online vehicle tracking, accurate to approximately 10 meters
  • Automatic arrival and departure reporting
  • Colour coding of events to allow for easy analysis
  • Street level mapping display
  • Vehicle position overlaid onto Google Earth maps
  • Ad-hoc vehicle polling if required
Find closest function – locates vehicles closest to towns or post codes

Management Features

MotorTag Vehicle Tracker is a well thought through solution and provides a host of useful management functions, including:

  • Easy, secure setup via the web
  • Choice of summarised daily, weekly or monthly reports emailed automatically
  • Easy analysis of various vehicle related statistics:
    • Arrivals and departures
    • Dwell times
    • Mileage and driving hours
    • Working times, etc
  • Real-time position reporting
  • Arrival and departure notification
  • Route History
  • Snail trails and journey reports
  • Polling and street-level mapping
  • Periodic updates

Product Visibility

MotorTag Vehicle Tracker has the added benefit that it can be combined with a range of other MotorTag products, using selected RFID based systems, to provide product related information. The combination of RFID and vehicle tracking enables:

  • Ultimate real-time supply chain visibility
  • Know where your vehicles are, what they are carrying and even what the condition of the load is
  • Selected RFID systems includes sensor capabilities, such as temperature and motion sensors


MotorTag Vehicle Tracking Benefits

MotorTag Vehicle Tracker provides a host of commercial, operational and organisational benefits, which includes:

  • Increased profits
  • Increased productivity
  • Shortened turnaround times and increased throughput
  • Reduced wage and overtime costs
  • Reduced fuel expenditure
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Reduced communication costs
  • Improved customer service
  • Reduced paperwork

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