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Proceeding from conception through to the full scale deployment of any Intelligent Transport or Parking System can be an extremely tedious and time consuming activity, fraught with complexities, risks and pitfalls. The successful navigation of these uncharted territories, for most organisations, requires tremendous in-depth research. It is generally more efficient to utilise our experience than to perform independent research to achieve a basic understanding. Our Professional Services allows you to rapidly meet your technology and cost requirements with an optimised solution.

With our team of specialists, MotorTag Ltd provides an informed, market based perspective regarding Intelligent Transport or Parking System applications and how to create successful solutions from the host of available and promising technologies.

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MotorTag has completed various projects in the public and private sector, covering a host of different applications and industry sectors. The following sections contain a selection of project highlights.

DVLA logoDriver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA):

The DVLA has initiated a trial to fit an Electronic Registration Tag (ERT) to number plates, which should potentially simplify the identification of individual vehicles, while it should also reduce the practice of vehicle cloning. The DVLA based their ideal ERT solution on positively and accurately identifying a vehicle under the following conditions:

  1. A vehicle travelling at 100 mph.
  2. At distances in excess of 100m for travelling vehicles.
  3. At distances below 10m for static vehicles with handheld readers.

MotorTag developed an electronic number plate system that was trialled in conjunction with four police forces across the UK and turned out to be hugely successful. The system was capable of accurately detecting and identifying vehicles, travelling at speeds of up to 100 mph at distances in excess of 100m.

The DVLA project team was extremely satisfied with these results and composed a report to the Minister of State for Transport, Dr Stephen Ladyman, who is using the results to inform the parliamentary debate on the utilisation of technology in vehicle identification and enforcement.

A copy of the report can be viewed at:

TfL logoTransport for London (TfL):

Transport for London is currently trialling different congestion charging technologies to replace the automatic number plate recognition system, when the congestion charging zone is extended in the near future. The preferred technology at the moment is a tag and beacon system, operating on the Direct Short Range Communication (DSRC) protocol, an RFID technology variant. The system operates with an electronic vehicle tag or On-board Unit (OBU) fitted to the vehicle and detected via a roadside beacon.

As an enhancement to this technology, TfL is also evaluating the feasibility of a Value Added Services Platform, which links onto the current system and provides additional services to motorists via text, voice or picture messages. To this end TfL required the development of a module that could detect the presence of a pre-registered mobile phone in the vehicle and forward this information onto the OBU, which in turn transmits the information to the beacon and on to the back end database.

MotorTag Ltd developed the required module, comprising hardware and software. Bluetooth technology detects the presence of the phone and passes the phone information on to the back office system. This enables TfL to send information to such a mobile phone, knowing that the phone is actually within the congestion charging zone.

TfL is currently trialling a few of these modules and they are extremely satisfied with the speed and accuracy of the system. They have recently requested additional tags to be supplied. If successful, these modules could be rolled out with the 2 million plus tags that would be introduced within the next few years.

London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham:Hammersmith and Fulham council

The London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham (LBHF) have begun the implementation of an RFID-based e-Parking scheme to replace paper-based Resident Parking Permits.

The implementation has raised a number of technical challenges and in order to continue the expansion of the pilot system and rollout to all permit holders in the borough. We were engaged to conduct an analysis of the current implementation and review alternative technology solutions.

After extensive evaluation of various technologies, MotorTag Ltd proposed Infrared as a superior technology to RFID for this specific application, requiring a read range of approximately 5 metres and singularity of read. The newly developed proprietary system is currently on trial within the borough, with 2,000 permits actively being used.

LBHF is extremely pleased with the results and expects the MotorTag Infrared parking permit to be rolled out to all its residents within the next few months.


ALSTOM, a world leader in transport and energy infrastructure, present in 70 countries, is a major worldwide player in equipment and services for power generation and rail transport and employ around 60,000 employees. ALSTOM supplies rolling stock, transport infrastructure and signalling and maintenance equipment.

MotorTag Ltd provided ALSTOM with assistance for the start up phase of a project to implement RFID data capture, of components fitted to trains, and to revise the SAP business processes for deployment on mobile data terminals. The project included a feasibility study, an ROI analysis, holding workshops in the UK and Spain to gather requirements from users, the evaluation and selection of potential suppliers, the revision of vendor proposals, vendor selection and the management of initial trials and testing.

The project was completed successfully and proved that RFID was a feasible technology to enable the automatic identification of parts and components, for asset management and train configuration purposes, which provide data to various technology driven business processes. ALSTOM is currently refining the business case and planning for the extended roll-out of the technology.

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