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Traditional parking management systems are largely paper based and require significant administration and manual checks and interventions for the system to operate successfully.

In addition it is expensive to maintain, inefficient, inaccurate, open to fraud and cumbersome to use from a motorist perspective.

The Solution

Parking authorities are increasingly relying on the efficient utilisation of technologically advanced parking management systems to improve their system performance, reduce costs and to maximise the income potential of on and off street parking.

Whether it is resident parking, transit parking, metered parking or any other permit based system, authorities need a cost effective solution to manage all aspects of the process.

MotorTag offers a range of MotorTag products to improve your parking management systems.


This can be achieved through the simple adoption of specific point solution or through the implementation of an end-to-end parking system.

MotorTag offers a range of different options to satisfy your specific requirements, from single point solutions to a comprehensive end-to-end parking management system. Our product offering covers all forms of electronic / digital permits, cashless on and off street parking and electronic enforcement. MotorTag can be offered as a standalone system or it can be seamlessly integrated with your existing parking management systems.

System Overview

MotorTag provides an electronic parking management system, consisting of the following elements:

  1. Permit holders would apply for electronic permits via the existing channels or directly through an online web portal.
  2. A more convenient and secure electronic parking permit will replace the current paper permits. It is still easily attached to the inside of the vehicle windscreen.
  3. Parking attendants carrying handheld readers will wirelessly interrogate the vehicle tags, which will provide a unique permit number.
  4. The permit number is relayed to a central database via the standard mobile phone network.
  5. The specific permit and vehicle data is located within the database and the relevant information is sent back to the handheld device.
  6. Permit and vehicle information are displayed on the screen of the handheld reader, enabling the parking attendant to easily verify the validity of the parking permit.
Key Features

Convenient Issuing and Renewal of Permits

Motorists can apply for permits in person or online, after which electronic permits can be posted to users.

Improved Enforcement

Parking Attendants (PA’s) carry handheld readers to verify the validity of vehicle permits. The PA simply stands on the pavement, visually identifies the vehicle to be authenticated and scans the electronic permit.

The handheld reader, which is in real-time communication with a back-end database via a mobile communications link, verifies the authenticity and validity of the permit. The permit and vehicle details will be displayed on the handheld reader screen and the PA can verify whether the vehicle is parked legally.

Productivity Improvement

The innovative electronic MotorTag device dramatically improves the productivity of Parking Attendants (PA’s), primarily because permits can be read and verified from an optimum read distance of up to 5 metres from the vehicle. This allows PA’s to always remain on the pavement while verifying permit validity, regardless of the orientation of the parked vehicle.

Improved Security and Reduced Fraud

Because electronic permits are directly associated with specific vehicles, lost or stolen permits will be useless on any other vehicles. Parking Attendants have the ability to compare the stored details of a vehicle, such as make, model, colour and registration number – to verify that a permit is authentic.

System Flexibility

Parking authorities have the ability to customise the system to their own unique requirements. The database and all other applications can be tailored to capture and display any chosen information.

MotorTag Electronic Vehicle Permits Benefits

MotorTag products offer a range of different benefits, dependant on the specific implementation, which includes:

  • Greater protection against fraud and it should eliminate misuse - permits will be worthless if reported stolen or lost
  • More convenient user experience and speed up the permit issuing and renewal process
  • Reduction in the amount of paper permits and related documentation
  • Reduction in the amount of transactions required to issue and maintain parking permits
  • Direct online transactions by system users - no face to face transactions
  • Eliminates the necessity to collect cash from pay and display machines
  • Reduced time counting cash collected from machines
  • Removes the risk of pay and display machines being burgled
  • Provision of an electronic audit trail and better reporting
  • Increased productivity of parking attendants
  • Improved enforcement and increased revenue

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