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The Blue Badge scheme intends to enforce the rights of disabled drivers to park with convenience, and often at reduced cost. Sadly, these benefits have generated a crime wave, and Blue Badges now have a tremendous value.

Users can be exempt from parking charges, and where city centre parking can cost up to £25 each day we can see why badges sold on the black market can attract up to £1,500. The Blue Badge has to be displayed whenever a user parks in a disabled slot, presenting an easy target for a thief.

  • There are over 2.5 million Blue Badges on issue in the UK.
  • Last year, one London council reported 1,200 “smash and grab” raids specifically targeting Blue Badges.
  • Local Government Association estimates one in every three Blue Badges is misused or stolen.

Disabled drivers are hit with the trauma and distress of each break-in, their insurance companies take the financial strain, and every smash-and-grab generates another problem for councils:

  • More stolen and fraudulent Blue Badges are coming onto the market
  • Inspection of Blue Badges is taking dedicated resources
  • Crime statistics are rising as theft from vehicles increases
  • Administration costs rise dealing with replacement badge demands
  • Council revenue continues to decrease because of fraudulent use to gain free parking
  • Genuine badge holders are prevented from parking in disabled bays

The Solution

MotorTag is displayed in the windscreen as a substitute to displaying the Blue Badge where local authorities have exercised their right to offer an alternate permit, and is interrogated by a Parking Attendant using a mobile scanner to get real time information on the validity of that permit.

  • Parking attendants carrying handheld readers will wirelessly interrogate the tags, which will provide a unique permit number.
  • That permit number is relayed to a central database via the standard mobile phone network.
  • The specific Blue Badge data is located within the database and the relevant information is sent back to the handheld device so the parking attendant can instantly validate the Blue Badge.

Key Features

The beauty of MotorTag is in its’ simplicity. Displaying a small, secure electronic tag instead of the Blue Badge will make enforcement easy and drive down theft, so disabled drivers will not have to worry about the safety of their vehicles.

Productivity and Safety

Most Parking Attendants (PAs) already carry handheld readers, so MotorTag builds on to the existing enforcement tools. Productivity and safety of PA’s will increase, primarily because MotorTag can be read and verified from 5 metres away from the vehicle, allowing PA’s to always remain on the pavement while verifying permit validity, regardless of the orientation of the parked vehicle. Inspection time will be less than 10 seconds per MotorTag compared with an average 30 seconds per paper badge.


Every Parking Attendant becomes a Blue Badge Inspector

The system turns every PA into a Blue Badge inspector, to supplement the existing teams that are employed by local councils.

If a MotorTag is reported stolen then a simple entry into the system will trigger the tag to display as stolen when it is next read by a PA, rendering it useless to a thief.



MotorTag is secure, the only data held is a unique reference number which is meaningless, in that it is only relevant to the secure remote database system. It will not be possible to associate the tag with any personal details of the user should the tag fall into criminal hands, nor can the tag be used for any kind of tracking application – the maximum read distance is just five metres.


MotorTag Blue Badge Benefits

  • MotorTag is worthless to a thief, stolen and fraudulent permit use will not be possible
  • Revenue from parking will increase because only valid disabled drivers will be able to park for free
  • Car crime will reduce because smash and grab raids on Blue Badges will decrease
  • Disabled drivers will no longer worry about their vehicles, and will be able to park in designated bays that might otherwise have been taken by a fraudulent badge user
  • Local authorities already have the power to enable alternate permit display, MotorTag builds on existing systems and is a quickly deployable solution to a problem that is high on each councils agenda
  • Parking Attendants will all become inspectors and enforce the scheme, while dramatically improving efficiency and safely reading the permit from the pavement
  • As more authorities adopt the technology Blue Badge enforcement becomes cross-boundary, spreading the benefits to councils, police and disabled drivers while punishing the criminals
  • Fraudulent use can be targeted by linking car details, and providing real time data to show which badges/tags are in use
  • MotorTag can be used for any format of permit and indeed cashless parking, so the initial investment can spread to many benefit areas

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