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Most Access Management Systems - including access control, automated vehicle logging and vehicle / driver identification systems - make use of number plate recognition, magnetic stripes or contactless smart cards. These systems are notoriously temperamental, unreliable, difficult to maintain, user unfriendly and often very costly to operate.

The Solution

MotorTag is a unique version of an electronic in-vehicle tag that can be used in various Access Management applications to activate entry into a secured perimeter, to capture vehicle specific information or to access management systems. The tag is permanently attached to the inside of the vehicle windscreen, operates at distances up to 5 metres, works automatically and accurately identifies vehicles uniquely.

Key Application Areas

MotorTag Access Management is a modular system that can be used as a standalone application or integrated into existing management systems, with varying degrees of complexity.

  • Low Complexity Applications - MotorTag is used to simply identify a vehicle in a non-contact mode from a short distance away, using a handheld device. In this application MotorTag simply acts as an electronic vehicle permit / identifier. The handheld device will correlate the tag number with an entry in a database and display the required information for manual verification.
  • Medium Complexity Applications - MotorTag is used to identify a vehicle and time and date stamp its movements in a database. In this application the presence of a vehicle is automatically detected and the instance is captured in a database alongside other relevant information, such as times, dates and locations of detection.
  • Advanced Complexity Applications - MotorTag is used to identify a vehicle, time and date stamp its presence and to trigger some predefined action such as granting access. In this application the presence of a vehicle is automatically detected and the instance is captured in a database alongside other relevant information, which triggers another action, such as lifting an access boom or lowering a bus lane bollard.

Unique Features of MotorTag

  • MotorTag is an active electronic device with a five year battery life
  • MotorTag is permanently displayed inside the windscreen
  • MotorTag can be read from five meters away
  • MotorTag only contains a number unique to the permit holder. Valuable information is securely stored on a back-end database
  • If MotorTag is stolen it can be remotely deactivated
  • The system can be configured to use handheld mobile readers, fixed infrastructure readers or a combination of both
  • The MotorTag signal can be focused to enable multi lane vehicle identification

Examples of MotorTag Access Management Systems

Based on the customisability of the MotorTag system, it can be used across various industry verticals in a host of different applications, including the following:

Low Complexity Applications

  • Electronic parking permits
  • Electronic vehicle identification
  • Cashless parking systems (replacing Pay & Display)
  • Visitor parking permits
  • Corporate car park vehicle authentication

Medium Complexity Applications

  • Users checking vehicles in and out when using corporate pool vehicles from a shared fleet
  • Logging the entry and exit of vehicles at a central depot such as buses and taxis going out to service or coming back at the end of shifts
  • Logging rental cars out to customers or logging them back into stock after the rental period and inspection
  • Automatically capturing vehicle details entering or exiting secured perimeters, such as military vehicles at a high security base

Advanced Complexity Applications
  • Granting vehicle access in “barriered” access control systems, such as lifting a boom or lowering a bollard
  • Managing the movement, location and responsibility of vehicles between a network of car dealerships
  • Logging the arrival of a specific vehicle at a facility and initiating a downstream activity such as having the vehicle maintained, washed, loaded or unloaded

The key MotorTag advantages are that it enables automation, traffic moves faster and more easily with less intervention required from your staff, while the system is highly configurable and cost effective to use.

MotorTag for Access Management Solutions: Safe, Secure and Speedy…..

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